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Zoom! Whitening Special

We are thrilled to offer an amazing special this month on the best professional whitening system we've seen yet -- Zoom! WhiteSpeed.

WhiteSpeed is a powerful product that can make teeth up to 8 times whiter in just 75 minutes. WhiteSpeed not only includes in-office treatment, but touch-up trays for at-home use as well.

We really cannot fully express how amazing we think this product is. In fact, some of you may remember that Yvonne ("Cha") tested the system for us in the office several years ago, and the results were simply stunning.

Zoom!'s retail price is $357, but through the end of June, we are offering it at $50 off with an ADDITIONAL $50 discount when you bring in the rebate coupon available on the Zoom! website.

Simply fill out the form online (click the link above), and they will send you a coupon via email. Bring it into the office for your appointment, and we will apply it to your total treatment cost -- just $250!

Give us a call ASAP at 734-677-2156 to schedule your appointment and experience Zoom WhiteSpeed results for yourself!


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