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Dr. Norman-Kotre is known not only for her extensive technical expertise in the dental field, but also as a dentist her patients trust.  We consider both our staff and our patients to be like family.  Read on to see for yourself what her patients think of our practice!  Want to read more glowing patient testimonials?  Feel free to browse our 100% five-star reviews on Google.

"The ambiance in the office is suited to calm and soothe both young and older patients as it projects a caring family environment. The experience of the staff and their professionalism warms you in the winter and refreshes you in the summer. In summary I do not have the normal apprehensions that most people do about visiting the dentist’s office. Highly recommended."


"My family has been going to Dr. Kotre since she started her practice....and we will never leave. She is like family to us....her staff is always courteous and incredibly kind, the office is welcoming and warm!!! These ladies have watched my kids grow up and know every bump and bruise they've ever had. My teeth are the healthiest they have ever been, my kids have never been scared or intimidated by going to the dentist and it's all because of Dr. K and her amazing staff."

"The BEST Dentist I've EVER been to! Dr. Kotre is the nicest person and her and her staff do everything possible to make you feel at home and relaxed while you are there. I've never once had a bad experience here, and anything that is a little on the scary side (filling ect) Dr. Kotre makes go smooth and as painless as possible! I came as a referral from a friend and I've been completely happy! I would never go anywhere else! Patient for life here!"

"We have been going to Dr. Kotre for a little over a year and are so glad to be patients. Our whole family goes to her. She is very warm, caring and patient with the kids, always explaining things to them as she goes. Her skills, training and technique are top notch. When there is a choice to be made, she does an excellent job of presenting all of the options so that we can make the most informed and best decision. Her staff is equally courteous and professional. We actually look forward to our dentist appointments. She also always runs on time, which I greatly appreciate." 

"As a child, I never went to the dentist. My first experience with going to a dentist was at the age of 18. That experience was terrifying and painful. I did not feel welcome at all. Two years ago, I was referred by a friend to Dr. Kotre's office. Dr. Kotre is so warm and caring. Her staff greet my by my first name at every visit. Dr. Kotre and her staff know teeth and are very honest in what work needs to be done prior to actually doing the work. This office doesn't feel like a dentist office; it feels like you are part of a family."

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