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Pediatric Dentistry

General dental practitioners are the family doctors of the dental field, with extensive knowledge of how to best treat individuals, including children, throughout their entire lives.


Dr. Kotre and her staff pride themselves on providing a warm, caring, and encouraging environment that is perfect for gently teaching children that they never have to be afraid of seeing the dentist. 

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A specific license and certification is required in order to practice as a pediatric dentist in the state of Michigan.  However, most general dentists, including Dr. Kotre, still see children from infancy through adolescence as a large part of their practice.  In fact, Dr. Kotre is a mother of three, and understands firsthand the challenges of raising children to value good oral health.



Here is how we gain the trust of our youngest patients:


  • Unlike in many pediatric dental practices, our parents are always allowed into the treatment rooms with their children. 

  • We never force any sort of treatment during a child's visit to our office.  A visit can be as simple as meeting our staff in order for the child to become comfortable with the office, or as complex as a full dental check-up and cleaning.

  • Parents may not only be in the room, but can also hold the child on their lap during many treatments.

  • Our staff gets to know both parents and their children by name, fostering an environment of personal attention and care that is second to none in the Ann Arbor area.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends all children be seen for their first check up by six months of age, or by the time their first tooth has erupted, whichever comes first. 


Some other reasons why a child may need to be seen for a pediatric dental visit include a baby tooth lost unnaturally early, a suspected baby tooth cavity, a chipped baby tooth, or a children's dental emergency such as a mouth injury from a fall.


If you are looking for a children's dentist in Ann Arbor, Michigan, please contact us today at 734-677-2156 and let us know how we can help your child get on the road to excellent dental care and general oral health

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