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Teeth Whitening and Bleaching












Our Ann Arbor dental practice offers the very latest in teeth whitening technology.  The three systems from which our patients are able to choose are:


Zoom! White Speed Professional Whitening:


WhiteSpeed is an extremely powerful teeth whitening system that can make teeth up to 8 times whiter in just 75 minutes.  Zoom WhiteSpeed not only includes in-office treatment, but touch-up trays for at-home use as well.  For those who need the greatest amount of whitening improvement, Zoom is the best choice.

Opalescence Go!

Looking for an economical, efficient in-home whitening option?  Opalescence Go! is a great choice. What makes Go different?  The material used in the included trays adapts to teeth's structure, optimizing the whitening opportunity. This adaptation also ensures that the maximum amount of hydrogen peroxide gel stays in contact with teeth during the 15-20 minutes required for each whitening session. 

Because different patients desire different levels of whitening we offer three different tray options for Go: 1 ($10), 5 ($35) or 10 ($50). The single tray "test kit" allows patients to try the product to see if it's right for them, while the remaining two choices allow for flexibility in the course and strength of treatment.


Dash Professional Whitening:


The Dash system allows for substantial improvements in discoloration in less than an hour, and doesn't require a light or laser for product activation.  Dash also includes a sensitivity-relief gel, making this treatment especially attractive to those who have experienced discomfort in the past after whitening procedures. 



Sinsational Smile Whitening:


A patient favorite, Sinsational Smile offers an affordable and effective combination of in-office and at-home whitening.  Even those on a tight schedule find they can fit this treatment into their day!  In just 30 minutes, Sinsational Smile produces a whiter, brighter smile, and includes a take-home whitening pen to keep the beautiful results going even after patients leave the office.



Interested in learning more about whitening treatments?  Give our Ann Arbor dental office a call today at 734-677-2156 for more information, or to schedule your appointment

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