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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is a type of general dentistry that is indicated whenever teeth have been damaged.  The damage may have occurred for many different reasons, from accidents, to aging, to a history of poor dental care.  Dr. Kotre offers many different types of dental restorations to patients in the Ann Arbor area and beyond.  Contact our office today for more information, or to schedule a consultation. 


Laser Dentistry


Dr. Shannon Norman-Kotre, Ann Arbor dentist, is proud to offer soft tissue laser therapy as an option for protecting and managing her patients’ oral health.

Soft tissue laser therapy is fast becoming a popular and effective choice for treating many common dental problems quickly, and with less pain and downtime than might be required using other treatment methods.




Dental Fillings


Dental fillings are necessary whenever there is a cavity, and therefore a decayed area of the tooth.  It is a simple, common procedure.  The composite material Dr. Kotre uses to "fill" the tooth is the the most modern available, and 100% BPA free.  Please feel free to contact us for more information on our composite dental filling material.




Simple Dental Extractions (Exodontia)


A simple extraction is the process of removing a tooth from the mouth.  Another common dental procedure, dental extractions are done for a number of reasons, including severe tooth decay, infection, gum disease, fractures, overcrowding, or preparation for braces.




Root Canals


A root canal is an often misunderstood procedure, which has resulted in many people fearing the need for one.  In truth, root canals are not at all uncommon, and recovery time is generally short.  Root canals can become necessary for many reasons, including an abscessed tooth, trauma, or decay that has advanced through the enamel and dentin into the pulp of the tooth.




Dental Crowns


A dental crown is a type of dental restoration that is necessary whenever a cavity has become so large and pervasive that it threatens the health of the tooth.  A crown literally caps the tooth to prevent further damage.




Dental Bridges (Fixed Partial Denture)


A dental bridge is used to replace a missing tooth.  The tooth is replaced by the bridge, which is bonded in, and then joins together adjacent teeth.




Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)


Nitrous oxide is an extremely safe anesthetic commonly given during dental procedures.  We are happy to offer our patients the option to receive nitrous oxide during any procedure that may require pain management.




Dental Bonding


Dental bonding is generally done to fix broken or chipped teeth.  Through bonding, teeth can be reshaped, restored, and even recolored.  Dental bonding can be done for either restorative or cosmetic reasons.

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