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Xerostomia (Dry Mouth) Treatment


Why yes. It is rather fun to say. Xerostomia xerostomia xerstomia...

Alas, it's not nearly as fun to actually experience.

Xerostomia is the clinical term for dry mouth. Dry mouth can be the result of certain medications and medical conditions. When left untreated, dry mouth can result in issues ranging from chornic bad breath to periodontis due to the lack of saliva produced.

Happily, there are treatments for dry mouth. One of the best is a new prescription product called NeutraSal. NeutraSal is an oral rinse that mimics the qualities of natural saliva by supersaturating the mouth with calcium and phosphate ions, thereby restoring the natural PH balance in the mouth.

NeutraSal also helps treat the uncomfortable oral side effects of medical treatments such as chemotherapy, and diseases like Sjogrens Syndrome.

If you are suffering from dry mouth for any reason, please give our Ann Arbor dental office a call at 734-677-2156 for more information about NeutralSal or other treatment options, or to schedule a consultation.


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