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Stop Halloween Zombie Mouth!

Don't Let Zombie Mouth Happen to You!

Halloween is almost here! Looking for some alternatives to sweet and sticky (cavity-causing!) treats? Check out our ghoulishly good list!

1. Stickers - inexpensive, colorful, and fun (there's hardly a kid around who can resist the offer of a special sticker) 2. Halloween pencils or erasers 3. Vampire or monster teeth 4. Temporary tattoos 5. Super-bouncy rubber balls 6. Halloween rings, such as spiders or eyeballs 7. Silly Bandz, one of the biggest kids' trends around right now 8. Glow sticks 9. Sidewalk chalk or crayons 10. Bubbles

And if you absolutely want to give out something edible, but want healthier options, try sugar-free gum, mini-bagged pretzels or pumpkin seeds, raisins, or mini-granola bars.

P.S. -- Does any of this mean you should avoid sugar entirely at Halloween? Of course not! But if and when you choose to indulge your sweet tooth, make sure you do it all in one sitting rather than snacking, and brush your teeth after eating. If a brush isn't available, drink plenty of water to wash away the problem-causing sugar and bacteria.


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