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New Teeth Whitening Option -- Opalescence Go

We are always on the lookout for new whitening products for our patients; especially ones that are convenient and economical. We believe we've found a great one in Go, by Opalescence.

What makes Go different? The material used in the included trays adapts to your teeth's structure, optimizing the whitening opportunity. This adaptation also ensures that the maximum amount of hydrogen peroxide gel stays in contact with teeth during the 15-20 minutes required for each whitening session.

Because different patients desire different levels of whitening we are offering three different tray options for Go: 1 ($10), 5 ($35) or 10 ($50). The single tray "test kit" will let patients try the product to see if it's right for them, while the remaining two choices allow for flexibility in the course and strength of treatment.

You can purchase Go during office hours, even if you do not have an appointment. Give us a call today to reserve yours at 734-677-2156.


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