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In-Office Perio Now Available!

We are so thrilled to announce the newest addition to our staff -- Dr. Patricia Diaz -- who will be joining us two Wednesdays a month starting today!

Dr. Diaz has more than 15 years of experience in dentistry. After earning her DDS in Argentina, she later received an MS in periodontics while in Houston, TX and became board certified in 2011. She practiced in Nevada until two years ago, when she moved to Michigan to be closer to family. Dr. Diaz can perform all perio procedures including placing implants and is proficient in oral surgery as well as endodontics.

Some of our patients may already be familiar with Dr. Diaz, as she filled in for Dr. Kotre in April in her absence. Because they have very similar oral health philosophies, and we received such positive patient feedback about their experiences with Dr. Diaz, we believe she will be an excellent fit for our practice.

As she is only in the office two days per month, Dr. Diaz's schedule will fill up quickly. If you know you will require a periodontic or endodontic procedure in the next few months, please give us a call as soon as possible at 734-677-2156 or visit our website to make an appointment.

Welcome, Dr. Diaz!


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