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*Important Reminder*: Know Before You Go (to Your Next Appointment)

NEW! Dr. Kotre has added iWave to the office, an air-purifying device that reduces pathogens, allergens, particles, and has been tested against COVID-19 with 100% efficacy. This helps maintain a healthy environment without producing any harmful byproducts, in concert with the already-purchased air purifiers throughout the office.

Please note that pre-appointment COVID screenings are mandatory, and we cannot make exceptions. This includes both a phone screening several days before your appointment, and a contactless temperature check after entering our lobby for your appointment.

Please also note that the office is cooler than normal due to the additional PPE that must be worn by our staff for your protection. We recommend bringing along a sweater if you tend to get cold. We have also removed toothbrushes from the bathroom, so please be sure to brush and floss prior to your appointment.

Additionally: Masks are required by anyone entering the office, and we ask that you call from the parking lot when you arrive as our waiting room is completely closed -- 734-677-2156.

If your child is receiving dental care, we do allow one parent or guardian to accompany them during treatment. However, we ask that siblings and other adults remain at home.

More details about our COVID-19 policies are available on our website; please feel free to contact the office with any questions.


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