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Famous Teeth

Celebrities seem to constantly be getting into trouble with their pearly whites. Let’s check out the recent stories of the rich and famous’ chompers, shall we?

Did you know?

Kesha has a nervous tongue!

The singer — who is famous for her party-hearty attitude and wild pop tunes — gets so nervous before performances that her whole mouth tingles before she goes on stage.

She told Australia’s 2day FM radio station: “I get so nervous, my tongue starts itching and I freak out and pace around, and I look like a real moron.”

Adding to Keisha’s dental issues is the loss of one of her teeth and her decision to replace the lost tooth with one made of gold. But she didn’t stop there. The 25-year-old pop star intitally wanted to get a “grill” — an ornate metal and gemstone dental veneer — on her bottom set of teeth, but her mother stopped her.

At least someone in the family has common sense!

Did you know?

Singer-songwriter and newly-minted judge of NBC’s The Voice Shakira recently chipped her tooth on the set of the show.

According to a report from, production for the day was completely shut down because of the incident. Shakira, however, wanted to carry on despite her injury but the show producers wouldn’t allow it.

The tooth was apparently chipped on, of all things, a cookie.

A source says, “She made this face like: ‘What is this in my mouth?’ They weren’t even close to finishing filming at that point, but everything got stopped and the entire cast and crew were sent home.”

The insider also noted Shakira was cracking jokes about the incident (no pun intended), and “That’s why everyone on the crew loves her!”

Did you know?

John Lennon’s molar is helping fight oral cancer!

In the mid 1960s, Lennon gave his tooth to his housekeeper, Dot Jarlett, while she worked at his home southwest of London. Her family kept it until last year, when Canadian dentist Michael Zuk bought it in an auction for more than $31,000.

Zuk had the molar cut into three fragments, and then made into silver necklaces. He shipped the necklaces off to several people, including Tony Gedge, a native of Britain, who has been personally affected by oral cancer and has devoted his life to raising awareness of the disease after his father passed away from it. His mother has also been diagnosed with oral cancer.

Gedge’s charity, Dental Mavericks, is sending Lennon’s tooth on a tour of 16 British dental practices. Patients can come in, try on the necklace, and receive a free oral cancer screening. The screening is free and painless.

Pretty amazing way to bring attention to such an important cause! Here’s hoping Lennon’s tooth decides on a US tour, next.

— Dr. Shannon Norman-Kotre, Ann Arbor Dentist

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