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Expiring Benefits = Great Whitening Deal!

As the year draws to a close, dental benefits, along with other insurance benefits, are beginning to expire. While some plans close at the end of the year, many follow a different calendar, with benefits expiration occurring at different times of the year. The end of January, February and March are all common benefit expiration windows.

If you are due for an exam and cleaning, we urge you to use these dental benefits for which you have already paid. Most dental insurance policies cover semi-annual preventative dental check ups at 100%. It makes sense to not let the opportunity for better dental and overall health go to waste.

Call 734-677-2156 to schedule your appointment, or feel free to use our contact form.

Need an incentive to make your appointment to use your benefits? We may have just the thing to get you into the office.

When you call and schedule an appointment* for preventative or restorative dental care this month for January or February, you will have the option* to receive professional whitening** during the same appointment for 25% off.

This is one of the biggest discounts we offer on whitening, and likely the best discount we'll make available in 2014, so take advantage of this money-saving opportunity while you can.

Call 734-677-2156 for more information or to make an appointment, or visit our website and send us an email via our contact form.

*Please note that your discount whitening must be scheduled when you make your preventative or restorative dental care appointment. We are unable to provide whitening services without notice.

**We regret that dental insurance polices and FSAs/HSAs do not cover whitening or most other cosmetic procedures.


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