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Dental Sealants

In light of the recent news that only 60% of children are receiving recommendeddental sealants, we thought it would be a good idea to present some facts about dental sealants and why they are so important.

Did you know?

– Dental sealants are simply an extremely thin, plastic coating applied to the grooves and chewing surfaces of the molars. The sealants act as a barrier, protecting the teeth against decay-causing bacteria.

– Decades of research demonstrate that coating the biting surfaces of 6-year molars with a resin-based sealant can reduce cavities by nearly 80 percent immediately.

– Those same sealants reduce the incidence of cavities up to 60 percent for four years or more.

– The sealants used in our office are BPA free.

– Sealants are practically invisible once applied. They can only been seen from very close up.

Dental sealants are very simple to apply and each tooth takes only a minute or two to seal.

– Dental sealants can last from 5-10 years, but should be examined at each dental check up to check their integrity to be sure they are still effective.

– Although any tooth can be sealed, generally only the permanent molars are sealed.

– Molars should be sealed immediately after they have fully erupted. Permanent molars generally begin to erupt around age 12.

– Although sealants are wonderful for protecting the grooves and chewing surfaces of the molars, dental sealants do not take the place of fluoride treatment. Fluoride treatment helps to protect all the teeth, including the sides of molars and between them.

– Dental sealants are extremely cost effective. Applying them every 5-10 years is considerably less expensive than the dental work needed to fill a cavity, or to treat larger issues like a root canal stemming from deeply decayed teeth.

– Sealants aren’t only for kids — adults can also benefit from dental sealants, depending on their individual circumstances. Dr. Shannon Norman-Kotre recommends dental sealants for all children with erupting permanent molars. If you child has permanent molars which have not been sealed, the sooner the teeth are treated, the more likely it is that they will be able to be effectively protected from decay with a dental sealant. Give us a call at our Ann Arbor dental office at 734-677-2156 to make an appointment, and get your family on the path to a healthy smile today!


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