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Crazy for Coconut Oil

Did you know?

Coconut oil can help keep your teeth healthy!

It’s true!

A recent study out of Ireland showed that coconut oil treated with digestive enzymes actually killed Streptococcus mutans, the bacteria that causes cavities and tooth decay. Experts say you can bet plenty of products will likely come to market in the near future that feature this very versatile and popular oil.

Now that we know coconut oil is apparently great for your teeth, it’s also interesting to note that it’s also wonderful for many other things!

Here are some other uses for coconut oil:

– Homemade body scrub (try two parts dead sea salts to one part coconut oil) – Natural conditioner – Cook and bake with it instead of using butter or other oils – Body and facial moisturizer – Natural deodorant (coconut oil is a natural antimicrobial) – As a bath soak (just be careful when getting in and out of the tub!) – Eye makeup remover – Topically to ease skin irritations or speed up the healing of cuts and abrasions – On baby’s bottom to help prevent or cure diaper rash – Lessen cradle cap – Mix with baking soda for a natural version of “Goo Gone” – To oil baking pans – As a natural lubricant for squeaky hinges (who needs smelly WD-40!) – As an immune booster – As a natural sunscreen – Mix in hot coffee or tea for creaminess and extra flavor and nutrition – Treat thrush and yeast infections – Clean both make up and paint brushes – As a base for homemade soap and cosmetics – As a leather conditioner – In oatmeal as a healthy, delicious fat – To keep a mouth guard clean! Just spread it on after rinsing in the morning and rinse it off again before using that night – Cuticle moisturizer – Heals and prevents athlete’s foot – Massage oil – Stimulates metabolism and stabilizes body weight

And these are just some of the uses for coconut oil we’ve found!

Do you use coconut oil regularly?

–Dr. Shannon Norman-Kotre, Ann Arbor Dentist


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