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Celebrity Teeth News

Ouch, She Did It Again!

Britney Spears was recently photographed leaving her dentist’s office looking like she was quite uncomfortable. Trying (fairly unsuccessfully) to hide her cheek from the view of the many paparazzi waiting outside of the building, she covered her face with what appeared to be a pink, plastic wallet or purse. Maybe she was going in for a check up, but our best guess is that like most celebrities, she probably decided she needed a bit of cosmetic work, and didn’t want the press to pick up on it. See for yourself, below!

Putting Some Teeth Into An Acting Role

Actor Ben Mendelsohn is featured in the new movie The Place Beyond the Pines. Mendelsohn considers himself to be a Method actor, meaning he truly believes in “living” in his character, not just during filming, but after the work day is complete. In fact, he was so into his “Pines” character, that he offered to pull all his teeth for the role! Director Derek Cianfrance, who casted him in the toothless role of “Robin,” said:

“The role of Robin in the script is a little older than Ben. Robin in the script is supposed to have dentures. No teeth. In that first meeting, within 15 minutes of meeting Ben, after he told me he’d carry a spear for me, I told him he could do the movie.

“We started talking about the teeth. This is an example of trust on a movie, he said he had a lot of dental work done and he said he would have his teeth taken out for the role. And he gave me his dentist’s phone number. Later on that day I had his dentist on the phone, and about a week later – and this shows you the madness that you get into when you’re making a film – I had his dental x-rays in my possession. And we were planning his trip to go get his teeth pulled out. And he was down for it. And I was going to do it! Thank God I had a producer with a conscience around me that told me, ‘You can’t have him take his teeth for the movie.’ I feel like a terrible human being for actually considering it. Now as the dust has cleared on the movie, what a maniac.”

Now that’s dedication to your “craft,” folks. Or maybe it’s just insanity. Who can really tell the difference with Hollywood stars?

–Dr. Shannon Norman-Kotre, Ann Arbor Dentist


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