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Celebrity Teeth

Gossipy or not, we can’t help but love it when current news focuses on teeth, especially when the news is about celebrity teeth!

For instance — did you know?

Katy Perry brushes her teeth six times a day??

It’s true!

Katy has said that when she was a little girl, she had 13 cavities, and it caused her to become a bit obsessive about her brushing habits.

”I’ll brush my teeth (after) breakfast, lunch and dinner … I did have 13 cavities at one time, so you can imagine why I’m so freaked out. When I was a kid I didn’t really go to the dentist a lot … and when I finally went, they were like, ‘You might as well get a new set of teeth’.”

While we commend her for her commitment to oral health, we’d just like to say — go easy on those pearly whites, Girl!

Hopefully she’s using a soft-bristled brush…ouch!

In other celebrity dental news, Kate Middleton’s bright, white smile has snagged the attention and admiration of the British people, resulting in a huge spike in demand for bleaching and whitening, and other cosmetic dental treatments in her home country.

Beauty experts confirmed that her gorgeous grin is the result of a treatment called “micro rotation” and the price tag is not for the faint of heart. The average cost of a treatment like Kate’s is over $17,000 in U.S. dollars! The look is achieved by individually polishing and grinding each tooth, and adding veneers when necessary. Attending to each tooth separately allows cosmetic dentists to ensure that the teeth are not perfectly aligned, giving a much more natural result.

And finally, in tales of celebrities who could potentially use a little micro rotation themselves, Radar Online has put together a slideshow of the rich and famous who might benefit from a bit of cosmetic dentistry.

The list includes Lindsay Lohan (for having crooked and yellow chompers); Anna Paquin and Madonna (for the large gaps between their front teeth), Morgan Freeman and Steve Buscemi (for terrible discoloration), Avril Lavigne (extremely large and vampy canines), and Jewel (white, but far from straight).

It appears that even the wealthy could sometimes use a little dental work!

Dr. Shannon Norman-Kotre is a general dentist in Ann Arbor, Michigan, who offers patients many kinds of cosmetic dentistry, including whitening, invisible braces, and veneers. For more information about the cosmetic dentistry services available, give her office a call at 734-677-2156.


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