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Aromatherapy for Dental Anxiety

More than 25% of the U.S. population is affected by dental anxiety and a fear of the dentist. It's enough to keep many people from seeing their dentist for regular preventative care. Most people realize that diseases like oral cancer can be detected by their dentist, but the truth is, quality preventative dental care is important to keep your entire body healthy.

The gum disease gingivitis, when untreated, can develop into periodontis, an advanced inflammation and infection of the gums. This leads not just to tooth loss, but when the bacteria causing the gum infection invades the rest of the body via small abraisions or cuts in the mouth, it can lead to life-threatening issues from coronary disease, to stroke, and even miscarriage.

Several studies have found that the use of aromatherapy can assist in managing dental fear. In fact, lavender and orange, both of which are easily accessible, are two of the essential oils that have shown the most promise. Plus, aromatherapy is all natural, meaning there are no potential drug interactions to be concerned about when used during a dental procedure. As an added advantage, aromatherapy is generally affordable, too.

We've found several companies which offer portable aromatherapy diffusers for anxiety:

For a great first step to conquering dental fear, it's hard to beat aromatherapy as an affordable, safe and natural solution.


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