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Welcome, Dr. Hord!

Patients who visited the office during Dr. Kotre's absence likely had a chance to meet Dr. Timothy Hord, who was kind enough to cover for many of Dr. K's appointments while she was out. We had many kind comments regarding Dr. Hord's time with us, and are therefore incredibly pleased that he has accepted our offer to become a permanent member of our practice!

Dr. Hord will be available on Thursdays from 9-3, beginning on December 1st. His presence will allow us to have more weekday office hours for our patients, and we are happy to be able to offer the convenience of these additional appointment times for our patient family.

Additionally, don't forget that Dr. Diaz, our periodontist, has extended her availability, too!

With more doctors and more office hours, we will be adding another part-time assistant to our office to help on our busiest days. So if you start to see new faces in the office you know the old ones are still around; we are just making accommodations for our expanding practice. Much of this is thanks to all of YOU for referring new patients! One more reason we love our patient family.

To schedule an appointment with either Dr. Hord or Dr. Diaz, please visit our website, or call 734-677-2156.


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