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Only a Few Days Left for Whitening Specials!

Wedding and graduation season is upon us, and we're decided to offer not one, not two, but THREE amazing whitening specials in honor of these very special occasions.

Beginning May 1st, our Sinsational Smile*, DASH and Zoom! WhiteSpeed whitening systems will be available at incredible discounts:

  • Sinsational Smile, regularly priced at $139, can be scheduled for only $99.

  • DASH whitening, normally $200, will be just $149.

  • Zoom!, our most effective, longest-lasting whitening system, is priced at only $275** (regularly $350).

All three whitening systems are in-office procedures. Sinsational Smile results are more gradual, but the package includes a take-home whitening pen to extend and enhance results and the procedure takes only 20 minutes. DASH and Zoom! whitening have more intense immediate results, but require a longer appointment time (75-90 minutes) to complete, while Zoom! also includes take-home whitening trays, which help maintain your beautiful new smile.

Call today and schedule your appointment for these special offers at 734-677-2156 before time runs out!

*Sinsational Smile whitening can only be completed after a professional cleaning. Please be sure to schedule your procedure at the same time as your hygiene appointment.

**Special $275 Zoom! WhiteSpeed pricing includes a $50 coupon discount offered on the Philips Zoom Whitespeed website. Before your appointment, please fill out the form and then bring in the coupon sent to you by Philips Zoom so we can adjust the price of the procedure accordingly.


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