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Black Friday Dental Deals!

Black Friday is upon us and we're celebrating with two amazing deals which are available through the end of November!

Deal Number One: ZOOM! Whitening

We are thrilled to offer an amazing special this month on the best professional whitening system we've seen yet -- Zoom! WhiteSpeed.

WhiteSpeed is a powerful product that can make teeth up to 8 times whiter in just 75 minutes. WhiteSpeed not only includes in-office treatment, but touch-up trays for at-home use as well.

Zoom!'s retail price is $350, but through the end of November, we are offering it at $50 off with an ADDITIONAL $50 discount via rebate. That's just $250 for professional whitening! Need help with the rebate? Give us a call at 734-677-2156 and we're happy to walk you through it.

Deal Number Two: Oral-B Genius Toothbrush

Oral-B's latest toothbrush is truly "Genius" and for this month only, you can get it for the lowest price we've ever offered. Normally $110, we're selling it for $105 WITH a $30 rebate that you can only get from dental professionals. That's just $75! Not even Amazon comes close to matching this price!

What makes this new brush unique? It is the first to use technology to this extent to help users achieve something closer to a professional-level cleaning when used as directed at home.

Hurry in and grab your brush and/or reserve your appointment or gift certificate for whitening today before they're gone, or call 734-677-2156 to reserve yours over the phone.


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